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Vision Statement

We envision a sustainable, student-centered educational institution that continuously bridges the gap between our students' competencies and the respective industry's dynamic demands so that our students become the best version of themselves and be chosen for admission or immediate employment.

Mission Statement

We provide larning encounters geared towards the development of core life skills relevant to the global society:

1. so that our students can become productive and economically independent individuals.

2. our administrators, faculty and staff find fulfillment in their work and at the same time be economically stable.

3. our students' parents be actively involved in their sons and daughters' transformative process.

4. our trustees be able to attain financial stability of the organization in order to economically sustain operations.

Core Values

P - Professionalism The ability to exude the proper skills, competence and character in dealing with others

E - Excellence The zeal not to settle for mediocrity, thus, making all undertaking manifest superior quality

R - Resourcefulness The motivation to always find means to be creative and innovative despite limited resources or when face with different challenges and adversities

S - Sincerity To be truthful, compassionate and genuine in our dealings with fellow SPCFIans and the rest of the community

O - Optimism The ability to see hope in the midst of uncertainty, to see things from a more positive perspective and towards the greater good

N - Nationalism The allegiance to one's country, the Philippines, through the appreciation, preservation and promotion of our distinct national identity, culture, tradition and rich