Rotary Club of Mandaue partners with SPCFI in the project “GRANDIOSO”

“Grandioso: A concert for a cause”- the first ever philanthropic endeavor f St. Paul College Foundation Inc. got a zealous project partner with no less than the Rotary Club of Mandaue.

It was indeed a blessing for SPCFI to have The Rotary of Manduae as partner since both share the same desire and concept – TO BE OF SERIVCE.

Rotary Club is an international service organization whose purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services. The organization is open to people of all cultures and ethnicities and is not affiliated with any political and religious organizations. Rotary Club of Mandaue is one of the Rotary Club of Cebu who share a dedication to the ideal “SERVICE above self”.

With this ideal of “SERVICE Above Self”, and embracing the same altruism, I became an enthusiastic member of the organization, and all the members share the same aspirations, said Dr. Bretta S. Lucion, Campus Director, SPCFI Mandaue Campus. She added, “having this in mind, it was not difficult for me to present the project and its cause , then invited the group to be our project partner.”

The school shares the same concept of service. A philanthropic mission that is steadfast in its educational advocacy –  to be of help to the marginalized members of the society. So what is there to question about? We bank on the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same aspirations ….and guess what? We closed the deal after it was discussed with the Board.

To the Rotary Club of Mandaue, thank you most profoundly – From SPCFI Family.



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PRU Life UK signs MOA with SPCFI Grade School Department


Cebu school integrates Pru Life UK’s money smart lessons.  British insurer Pru Life UK inked a partnership to incorporate Cha-Ching money smart lessons under the Pru Life UK Financial Literacy for the Youth Program in the Grade 2 curriculum of St. Paul College Foundation, Inc. (SPCFI) in Cebu City, the first private educational institution in the Visayas to integrate Cha-Ching lessons in their syllabus.

“There is a great need for financial literacy considering that our students are from low- to average income families. The knowledge, skills and attitudes that they would get from Cha-Ching would not just teach them how to handle money but share these lessons to their parents as well. Cha-Ching’s approach to financial literacy is long-term and would potentially yield high success in terms of the project’s objectives,” said SPCFI Grade School Principal Dr. Jose Gatino Nacario

The Cha-Ching program which aims to help educate the Filipino youth on the four money management concepts of earn, save, spend and donate, has been approved by the Department of Education (DepEd) for integration into the Grade 2 curriculum of public schools. It is currently being piloted inTagaytayCentralSchoolandUpperBicutanElementary School. The Cha-Ching program is likewise being integrated in the Grade 2 curricula of private schools –CollegeofImmaculate ConceptioninCabanatuanCity, Nueva Ecija;MakatiHopeChristianSchoolinMakatiCity;MontessoriIntegratedSchoolinAntipoloCity;HopeChristianHigh SchoolinManila;SouthvilleInternationalSchooland Colleges in Las Piñas; and King’sMontessoriSchoolinQuezon City.

Cha-Ching is a musical edutainment cartoon series launched by Pru LifeUKregional headquarters Prudential Corporation Asia in September 2011 and released in seven Asian markets –Hong Kong,Singapore,Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnamand thePhilippines. The first multi-country, multi-platform financial literacy for the youth initiative, it was developed in partnership with leading children’s channel Cartoon Network and internationally-renowned children’s education expert Dr. Alice Wilder.

In photo are (from left) Pru Life UK Assistant Vice President for Advertising and Communications Reena Villamor and Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Belle Tiongco in a symbolic turnover of a Cha-Ching money box to SPCFI Grade School Principal, Dr. Jose Gatino Nacario and Pupil Activity Program Coordinator, Mrs. Viner Irene Suguitan.


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SPCFI Grade School Faculty embarks GENYO Training

Innovative methods and new technologies are much developed and open nowadays. All these changes could help the declining quality of education here in the Philippines. Schools have deepened their knowledge on how technology works appropriately to boost pupils’ needs. Many have used the new technology in different learning areas which could alter students learning.In addition, instead of goofing off at home after school, kids would just sit and resort on accomplishing their homework.

Teachers in SPCFI would not like to leave behind in this trending competition of the worldwide web. They have gone trainings and seminars for the betterment of students’ ability. One of these trainings was held last May 21-23 in Ramos Campus with DIWA as the main source. The training was entitled GENYO, an integrated E – learning solution which conducted by the dynamic school e – learning and english college school language learning specialists. They have demonstrated the necessary inputs during the first day while teachers are enjoying the activity. After such demonstration and clarification, teachers were given a time to bequeaththe information. Exercises, games and activities were the things that teachers enjoyed.

The three day training was indeed a fruitful one. It was a great help to teachers and most especially to the learners who’s the root of all these innovations. SPCFI is now soaring high and hitting the road to lead through technology. Why wait for tomorrow if we can do it today? As Diwa quoted,“The schools that do not alter their structures to meet new societal needs, those that do not face the challenge brings head-on, will find their influence diminish in years to come.” Thanks to DIWA, the globally competitive technology enters the door of the SPCFIan graders. In the end brighter future awaits the hope of our nation…….

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