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Nursery, Kindergarten & Grade School

The SPCFI Grade School Department recognizes and accepts the provision and educational objectives of Elementary Education stated in Batas Pambansa 232 – Chapter 1, Section 21. It is steadfast in promoting the LEARNING PILLARS as stipulated by UNESCO and the CORE LIFE SKILLS as described by UNICEF. Moreover, it is committed to the attainment of the vision of Philippine Educational System which is to imbue pupils with appropriate values like: makabayan, makatao, makaDiyos at makakalikasan; and attain the principles which are set by the school’s organizational philosophy.

In attaining its objectives, SPCFI updates and assesses its teachers through the adherence of the teaching domains set by the National Competency-Based Teachers Standards (NCBTS) and demonstrates the pedagogical integration of “solidarity, purity and charity” thus reinforcing the teachers’ commitment to integrate the school’s core values in 


Specifically, the SPCFI Grade School Department is committed to..

  1. Provide pupils with instructional programs that will enable them to acquire fundamental skills needed in acquiring and learning more complex skills in preparation for adult life;
  2. Train each pupil to cope with change as change is perennial, thus, a call to provide a need-based curriculum responsive of the pupils’ necessities relative to their lives and experiences;
  3. Develop in the individual rational and reasoning faculties that will enable him to utilize his cognitive ability numerical skills, critical thinking, and communication skills in solidarity with the community;
  4. Offer vicarious programs and experiences that will help unleash their unique individuality, creativity and self-expression, thus accept complete responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions;
  5. Develop in each pupil as an individual who is holistically-prepared attuned to moral principles, and possesses a true and sincere communication spirit;
  6. Modify and reshape pupils’ behavior by providing a favorable learning environment equipped with facilities that would promote cooperation, collaboration and self-discovery; and
  7. Imbue each pupil with a wisdom that would promote patriotism and sense of nationalism.
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