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Junior High School Department aims to produce SPCFIans who can internalize excellence in human conduct and develop competent skills to become productive and meet the demands of a competitive global society.


The three (3) High School Campuses (Bulacao, Ramos and Mandaue) aims to:

  1. Provide every high school student, opportunities for development and self-improvement by involving him in curricular and extra-curricular activities that will deepen his sense of values
  2. Develop in every high school student self-reliance and a positive attitude towards work, for him to be productive and responsible in his academic and non-academic endeavors
  3. Develop social awareness and responsibility so that with the knowledge and virtues he acquires, every high school student to use his talents and skills for the common good.
  4. Encourage every student to take the initiative to observe and practice useful and practicable changes that will contribute to an improved and sustainable way of life in a community.
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